De 16. 唐 寿州窑黄釉褐斑执壶 Tang (618-907) Yellow Glazed with Brown Spots Ewer

16. 唐 寿州窑黄釉褐斑执壶 Tang (618-907) Yellow Glazed with Brown Spots Ewer



名称:                             黄釉褐斑执壶
年代:                             唐
窑口:                           (产地)寿州窑
结论:                             真品
规格:                             口径6.6厘米,高:19.3 Cm
鉴评: 此壶厚重拙实,从造型、胎体、制作工艺分析是典型的寿州窑产品特征。寿州窑在安徽淮南市,地处南方。三国以来长达几个世纪归北方政权管辖,生活习俗、审美观念和工艺传统深受北方黄河文明的影响,所以寿州窑瓷器是北方特点明显。此壶就是一个代表,有收藏价值。
Name:                             Yellow Glazed with Brown Spots Ewer
Era:                                  Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Kilns: (origin):                Shouzhou Kiln
Conclusion:                    Authentic
Specifications:               Diameter 6.6 cm   Height: 19.3 cm
Appraisal: This object is dignified and sturdy. From the analysis of its shape and form, clay body texture, and craftsmanship, these are all consistent with the characteristics of the Shouzhou Kiln ware of the Tang dynasty. Shouzhou Kiln is located in Anhui province’s Huainan City, which is in the southern region. Since the Three Kingdoms, Shouzhou Kiln had been governed by the northern regime. The daily living customs, aesthetic standards, and the traditional craftsmanship were all significantly influenced by the civilization of the northern Yellow River. Hence, Shouzhou ware shows strong characteristics from the north. This ewer is a typical representation of Shouzhou Kiln ware. Highly collectible.

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