De 11. 唐 黄釉罐 Tang (618-907) Yellow Glazed Vessel

11. 唐 黄釉罐 Tang (618-907) Yellow Glazed Vessel



名称:                           黄釉罐
年代:                           唐
窑口:                         (产地)北方窑
结论:                          真品
规格:                          口径7.6 厘米,高:15.6 厘米
鉴评:此罐为典型的唐代产品,造型端庄敦实,圆饼形实足, 有削边足特点。 完全符合唐代特征,收藏价值较高。
Name:                          Yellow Glazed Vessel
Era:                              Tang Dynasty (618 – 907)
Kilns: (origin):            Northern China Kiln
Conclusion:                Authentic
Specifications:           Diameter 7.6 cm   Height: 15.6 cm
Appraisal:This vessel is a typical object from the Tang dynasty. Its shape is modest and sturdy, rounded bottom with trimming foot characteristics. These are fully consistent with the characteristics of the objects from the Tang dynasty. Highly collectible.

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