De 20. 辽 缸瓦窑黄釉皮囊壶 Liao (707-1125) Yellow Glazed Bagging Pot

20. 辽 缸瓦窑黄釉皮囊壶 Liao (707-1125) Yellow Glazed Bagging Pot





名称:                    黄釉皮囊壶
年代:                    辽
窑口:                  (产地)缸瓦窑
结论:                    真品
规格:                    口径3.0 厘米,高:30.4厘米
Name:                     Yellow Glazed Bagging Pot
Era:                          Liao Dynasty (707-1125)
Kilns: (origin):        Gangwa Kiln
Conclusion:            Authentic
Specifications:       Diameter 3.0 cm   Height: 30.4 cm
Appraisal: This object’s shape and form — clay body texture and quality, the white slip soil makeup, and the yellow glaze — all comply with the characteristics of ceramics from the Liao Dynasty. The lines that make up the figure are very beautiful, showing the progress from the time.  This style of pottery is comparable to the hi-grade rustic style of the Liao Dynasty’s pottery ware. Contains very high collection value.
Authention 050