Basketball Jerseys Custom 13. 唐 邢窑白瓷花瓣口罐 Tang (618-907) Xingyao White Porcelain Petal-Edge Jar

13. 唐 邢窑白瓷花瓣口罐 Tang (618-907) Xingyao White Porcelain Petal-Edge Jar



Tang's Xing Yao Bo

名称:                       白瓷花瓣口罐
年代:                      唐
窑口:                     (产地)邢窑
结论:                       真品
规格:                       口径9.5 厘米,高:7.4 Cm
Name:                           Xingyao White Porcelain Petal-Edge Jar
Era:                                Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Kilns: (origin):              Xingyao Kiln
Conclusion:                  Authentic
Specifications:             Diameter 9.5 cm   Height: 7.4 cm

Appraisal: This small jar is a typical Xingyao ware made in Tang Dynasty.  It is very practical and can be held in hand to enjoy.  It is full of the artistic character from the gold ware and silver ware made in Tang Dynasty.The jar’s white clay is relatively thick and sturdy, not frivolous at all, and the craftsmanship is very delicate and fine.The white glaze is rich, thick, and flows all over the entire body consistently. The Tang Dynasty scholars appraised Xingyao ware as looking “like silver, and like snow.” Xingyao ware is extraordinary rare today, so this object contains extremely high collection value.
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