De 19. 五代 泾县窑白瓷葵口盘Five Dynasty (707-960) White Porcelain Mallow-Patel Dish

19. 五代 泾县窑白瓷葵口盘Five Dynasty (707-960) White Porcelain Mallow-Patel Dish




名称:                   白瓷葵口盘
年代:                   五代
窑口:                  (产地)涇县窑,即南唐官窑
结论:                   真品
规格:                   口径15.4厘米,高:3.0 Cm
鉴评:此盘造型学习五代定窑葵口盘,但釉的细腻,洁白比不上定窑白瓷的品质,白胎也有很多杂质和黑点。它是安徽涇县窑,这里出优质瓷土,在分裂战乱的五代十国时期,它属南唐王国, 南唐王国国土范围大,统治者很腐败,追求高档生活用具,所以在涇县办起为皇宫生产白瓷,属南唐官窑,学习定窑工艺,但工艺上比定窑要差一些。有研究价值和收藏价值。
Name:                   White Porcelain Mallow-Patel Dish
Era:                        Five Dynasties (707-960)
Kilns: (origin):      Jingxian Kiln, Southern Tang Dynasty Official Kiln
Conclusion:          Authentic
Specifications:     Diameter 15.4 cm, Height: 3.0 cm
Appraisal: The shape of this dish is in the style of the mallow-petal dishes made in the Ding kiln from the Five Dynasties. However, compared to typical Ding kilm porcelain, the glaze used on this dish is not as fine and smooth, and the white color is of lesser quality. The dish’s white clay has a lot of impurities and black spots. It comes from Anhui province’s Jingxian kiln, where very high quality porcelain clay was made. In the divided and war-torn period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, this Jingxian kiln belonged to the Southern Tang Kingdom. The Southern Tang Kingdom occupied a big territory. As the rulers were very corrupt, they pursued very high-grade everyday utensils. As Jingxian was selected to produce white porcelains for the imperial palace, it thus became the Southern Tang’s official kiln (Guanyao). It followed the craftsmanship of the Ding kiln, but with slightly worse quality.  This object is of high research value and is worthy of collection.
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