De 28. 宋 白瓷定窑小碟 Song (960-1279) White Glaze Small Dish

28. 宋 白瓷定窑小碟 Song (960-1279) White Glaze Small Dish




名称:                     白瓷小碟
年代:                     宋
窑口:                   (产地)定窑
结论:                     真品
规格:                     口径10.4 厘米,高:3.2 厘米
鉴评:此小碟是宋代定窑白瓷产品, 胎薄而细腻,但手感甚佳,说明定窑原料加工工艺很棒,使器薄而不飘。白釉细腻,泪痕清楚,这些都符合定窑白瓷特征,有收藏价值。
Name:                       White Glaze Small Dish
Era:                            Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Kilns: (origin):          Dingyao Kiln
Conclusion:              Authentic
Specifications:         Diameter 10.4 cm   Height: 3.2 cm

Appraisal:  This white porcelain dish was made in the Dingyao Kiln of the Song Dynasty. Its clay body is very thin, fine and smooth, and feels extremely good, which indicate that the processing craftsmanship of the raw material of the Dingyao Kiln was excellent. The Ding ware is thin but not frivolous. The dish’s white glaze is very fine and smooth, with very clear tear stains — these are in line with the characteristics of the white porcelains of the Ding ware. Highly collectible.
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