De 8. 唐 三彩钵 Tang (618-907) Tricolor Glazed Pottery Bowl

8. 唐 三彩钵 Tang (618-907) Tricolor Glazed Pottery Bowl




名称:                 三彩钵
窑口:                (产地)河南巩县窑
结论:                  真品
规格:                  口径13.5厘米,高:12.8厘米
鉴评:此三彩钵为唐代产品, 造型有极强的典型性,歛口、 肩、腹线条刚劲有力,富有弹性。胎体加工不细,白胎,用北方瓷土,泥质性强,不需太多加工捏练,这正是唐三彩的时代特征。 白中泛红,质地虽粗一点,但成型之后打磨较细,所以器物整体表现相当细润。三彩釉用点彩法出现,柔和自然,浸漫流淌相当随意潇洒, 这些都符合唐代作品的时代风格。此物距今已1200年以上,很难得。
Name:                     Tricolor Glazed Pottery Bowl
Era:                          Tang Dynasty  (618 – 907)
Kilns: (origin):        Gongxian Kiln in China’s Henan Province
Conclusion:            Authentic
Specifications:       Diameter 13.5 cm   Height: 12.8 cm
Appraisal: This Tricolor Glazed Pottery Bowl is from Tang dynasty. Its modeling is extremely typical of tricolor glazed pottery from the Tang dynasty. The lines on the convergence, shoulder, and abdomen are vigorous and resilient. The processing of the body is not fine-tuned, but organic in form.

 It uses white clay which is from the northern region. Northern clay is a strong mud, and does not require too much processing and pugging. This is precisely the Tang tricolor characteristics of the times. Its white color reveals a bit of red, the texture is rough, but after forming, the polish is very fine. Overall, it is very fine and glossy. It uses a stippling effect to decorate and paint the tricolor glazed hues, the outcome is very soft and natural and the dipped diffuse flow fairly casual and chic– these are in line with the work of the Tang dynasty era style.

This material is more than 1200 years old, very rare.

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