Basketball Jerseys Custom 45. 清乾隆 茶叶末釉盘一对 Qing Emperor(1736-1795)Tea-dust Glazed Plate (a pair)

45. 清乾隆 茶叶末釉盘一对 Qing Emperor(1736-1795)Tea-dust Glazed Plate (a pair)




名称:                   茶叶末釉盘(一对)
年代:                   清 乾隆
窑口:                 (产地)景德镇窑官窑
结论:                   真品
规格:                   口径15.5 厘米,高:2.5 厘米
鉴评:此一对茶叶末盘为乾隆官窑产品。它的造型、 胎体非常精细,茶叶末釉有玉的质感,只有官窑能到达这样水平。底釉(白釉)白度高,略带粉色,有美玉质感。青花铭款符合乾隆官窑铭款书法韵味,非常宝贵,极具收藏价值。
Name:                      Tea-dust Glazed Plate (a pair)
Era:                           Qing Emperor Qianlong(1736-1795)
Kilns: (origin):          Jingdezhen Official Kiln
 in Conclusion:        Authentic
Specifications:        Diameter 15.5 cm   Height: 2.5 cm
Appraisal:This pair of Tea-dust Glaze Plates is from the reign of Qing Emperor Qianlong(1736-1795) official kilns products. Its clay body is very fine with an outcome that is highly refined. Tea-dust Glaze has the texture of jade,only official kiln can reach this level of refinement。The center glazing is luminous and white, with a slight pinkish hue, and texture as refined as jade。The handwriting style and quality of the blue and white inscription complies with the official kiln inscription of Qianlong seal.  It is very precious and valuable,extremely worthy of collection.

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