De 26. 宋 白釉小罐 Song (960-1279) White Glazed Small Vesse

26. 宋 白釉小罐 Song (960-1279) White Glazed Small Vesse



_MG_1677 名称:                    白釉小罐
年代:                    宋
窑口:                  (产地)定窑
结论:                    真品
规格:                    口径4.1厘米,高:7.8厘米
鉴评: 此罐为宋代产品,胎体致密,坚致耐用,白釉洁白,比一般定窑白瓷的象牙白漂亮很多,但定窑白瓷的泪痕现象清楚,温润悦目,艺术性强,有收藏价值
Name:                    White Glazed Small Vessel
Era:                         Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Kilns: (origin):       Dingyao Kiln
Conclusion:           Authentic
Specifications:      Diameter 4.1 cm   Height: 7.8 cm
Appraisal: This object was made in the Song Dynasty. Its clay body texture is very dense, sturdy and durable. The glaze color is pure white; therefore it is considered to be more beautiful than the common Ding wares, which are ivory colored porcelains. The tear-stain phenomenon appears on the white porcelains of the Ding ware, and is very obvious. This object is glossy, eye-pleasing, and rich in high artistic value. Highly collectible.

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