De 12. 唐 红陶小马陶俑 Tang (618-907) Red Pottery Pony Figurines

12. 唐 红陶小马陶俑 Tang (618-907) Red Pottery Pony Figurines






名称:                    红陶小马陶俑(两件)
年代:                    唐
窑口:                  (产地)河南省窑
结论:                    真品
规格:                    口径11.0 厘米,高:8.0 Cm
Name:                     Red Pottery Pony figurine (A pair)
Era:                          Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Kilns: (origin):        Henan Kilns
Conclusion:            Authentic
Specifications:       Diameter 11.0 cm   Height: 8.0 cm
Appraisal: This pair of Red Pottery Pony is authentic from the Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, it is popular for the dead to be buried with to animal imagines such as cattle, horses, sheep, etc. Toward the late Tang Dynasty, the images of horses and other animals are getting smaller and smaller, they can be found in groups in the tombs. They appear so unsophisticated and cute, show a strong sense of objects of the Tang era. Highly collectible.
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