De 7. 唐 红陶俑 (5件) Red Pottery Figurines

7. 唐 红陶俑 (5件) Red Pottery Figurines







名称:             红陶俑(五件)
年代:                    唐
窑口:                  (产地)北方河南地区
结论:                    真品
规格:                    高:6.0 – 7.5 厘米
鉴评: 此五件红陶俑係晚唐产品。唐朝安史之乱以后着社会动荡,战乱不止,尤其北方中原、关中地区受的破坏更大, 陶俑等陪葬品制作规格逐渐小型化。 此一批陶俑就是这个社会现象的反映,有历史价值和收藏价值。
Name:                       Red Pottery Figurines (five pieces) 
Era:                            Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Kilns: (Origin):         Northern Henan Region 
Conclusion:             Authentic
Specifications:        High: 6.0 cm – 7.5 cm
Appraisal: These five red pottery figurines are objects from the late Tang dynasty. After the An Shi rebellion (755-763), social unrest and frequent civil wars followed. Many areas were heavily destroyed, especially in the Central Plains of the north and Shaanxi. Thus, specifications of funeral objects such as these figurines were gradually made smaller and smaller. This batch of figurines is the reflection of the social phenomenon during that period. Therefore, they retain very high historical value and worthy of collection.

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