De 25. 宋 紫定水盂 Song (980-1279) Purple Dingyao Water Pot

25. 宋 紫定水盂 Song (980-1279) Purple Dingyao Water Pot




名称:                   定窑水盂
年代:                   宋
窑口:                 (产地)定窑中的紫定
结论:                   真品
规格:                   口径5.6 厘米,高:4.2 Cm
鉴评:此水盂胎体洁白、细腻精致,芝麻酱釉很老道,器物虽小,流釉现象很清楚。这些都是典型的紫定特征。作工精细,器物端庄规整,雅致大气。紫定作品传世稀少, 值得收藏。
Name:                     Purple Dingyao Water Pot
Era:                          Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Kilns: (origin):        Dingyao Kiln (Purple Colored)
Conclusion:            Authentic
Specifications:       Diameter 5.6 cm   Height: 4.2 cm
Appraisal: This object’s clay body texture is very white, exquisite and delicate. It was glazed with the traditional sesame paste color. Though it is small, the flow phenomenon of the glaze is very obvious — These are typical characteristics of the purple colored Ding ware. This object’s craftsmanship is extremely delicate, fine, dignified, neat, well made, gracefully refined and elegant in style. Purple colored Ding ware was handed down and is considered very rare today; thus, this piece is highly worthy of collection.
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