De 36. 元 钧窑碗 Yuan (1271-1368) Jun Kiln Bowl

36. 元 钧窑碗 Yuan (1271-1368) Jun Kiln Bowl




名称:                  鈞窑碗
年代:                  元
窑口:                (产地)景德镇窑
结论:                  真品
规格:                  口径18.0 厘米,高:12.5厘米
鉴评:此碗为元代钧窑真品。口内敛,腹部鼓,底部较小,圈足,胎体厚拙,古朴坚实,胎体粗,胎色发黄是典型的元鈞特征。天青釉色调偏灰,凝厚光润,光泽极佳。 在元代钧窑中极为少见。艺术性强,有收藏价值。
Name:                    Jun Kiln Bowl
Era:                        Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)
Kilns: (origin):      Jingdezhen Kiln
Conclusion:          Authentic
Specifications:     Diameter 18 cm   Height: 12.5 cm
Appraisal:This Bowl is an authentic Jun kiln from the Yuan dynasty.
Its characteristics are slight inward concave of the rim, rounding at the abdomen, tapering at the bottom, ring foot, the body is thick, rustic, solid, and sturdy.  The ochre color on its body is a typical characteristic of Yuan Jun. Blue Celadon hue with slight ash grey tone, highly thick and polished, shiny and excellent. Extremely rare in the Yuan Dynasty Jun Ware. High artistic value. Worthy of collection.
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