De 9. 唐 青褐釉耀州窑扣盒 Tang (618-907) Green-Brown Glazed Buckle Case

9. 唐 青褐釉耀州窑扣盒 Tang (618-907) Green-Brown Glazed Buckle Case





名称:                  青褐釉扣盒
窑口:                (产地)耀州窑
结论:                  真品
规格:                  口径4.2厘米,高:4.2 Cm


鉴评: 此盒为唐代耀州窑产品。耀州窑是宋代十大名窑之一,以艾叶青釉产品闻名天下。但耀州窑早在唐朝就开始生产,品种有白瓷、青瓷、黑瓷、青褐釉瓷,此盒就是唐代青褐釉瓷的标准器。造型规整,盒盖有麻癞现象说(明)工艺尚不够成熟。此盒为研究耀州窑历史提供有益资料,有收藏价值。

Name:                    Green-Brown Glaze Buckle Case
Era:                         Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Kilns: (origin):       Yaozhou Kiln
Conclusion:           Authentic
Specifications:      Diameter 4.2 cm   Height: 4.2 cm
Appraisal: This buckle case was made in the Yaozhou Kiln, from the Tang Dynasty. During the Song Dynasty. Yaozhou Kiln was one of the top ten famous kilns. It became world famous by its products made of mugwort-green glaze. Yaozhou Kiln began production as early as the Tang Dynasty. Its products include white porcelains, celadon, black porcelains, green-brown glazed porcelains. This buckle case is a standard product made of green-brown glaze in the Tang Dynasty。 Its shape is carefully and orderly formed, but the craftsmanship was still immature, as described by the pockmarked surface on the lid。This case provides very useful information for studying the history of Yaozhou Kiln ware. Highly collectible.

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