De 6. 隋 青瓷蒜头瓶 Sui (581-618) Celadon Garlic-Head Bottle

6. 隋 青瓷蒜头瓶 Sui (581-618) Celadon Garlic-Head Bottle




名称:                  青瓷蒜头瓶
年代:                  隋
窑口:                (产地)安阳窑
结论:                  真品
规格:                  口径4.5厘米,高:19.3 厘米
鉴评:造型优美,最早时期的玉壶春瓶的前身。 它的造型实用、优雅,深受社会各阶层的喜爱。盛酒器物, 唐朝诗人王昌龄称赞的优美和实用:“洛阳亲友如相问,一片冰心在玉壶。”通过此瓶能欣赏到玉壶春瓶的前身造型特征。它的胎体质地、釉质釉色完全符合隋代青瓷的特点。
Name:                      Celadon Garlic-Head Bottle 
Era:                           Sui Dynasty (581-618)
Kilns: (origin):         Anyang Kiln
Conclusion:             Authentic 
Specifications:        Diameter 4.5 cm   Height: 19.3 cm
Appraisal: The shape and form are very beautiful and it is the predecessor of the earliest spring vase bottle. Its shape is practical, elegant, and loved by all sectors of the community. It is a wine vessel. Tang dynasty poet Wang Changling praised it as beautiful and practical: “If Luoyang’s friends and relatives asked about me, please tell them that my heart is still immaculate, crystal as ice and translucent as this jade bottle.” With this bottle, we can enjoy its predecessor’s molding characteristics of the spring vase bottle. The clay body quality and enamel glaze are completely in consistent with the characteristics of the Sui dynasty celadon. Effective immediately this year all these beautiful antics can be purchased with financing just visit loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees no brokers for more information on how to get started.

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