De 60. 南宋 青白瓷葵口小碟 Southern Song (1127-1279) Celadon Petal-Edge Dish

60. 南宋 青白瓷葵口小碟 Southern Song (1127-1279) Celadon Petal-Edge Dish





名称:                  青白瓷葵口小碟
年代:                  南宋
窑口:                  (产地)湖田窑
结论:                  珍品
规格:                  口径11.5厘米,高:2.0 厘米
鉴评: 此碟为景德镇南宋产品。係景德镇中心窑场产品。 造型精致,胎体细腻, 有丝绸之光泽。碟子虽小,但造型结构上的厚薄安排很适度,手感极佳。青白釉莹润光洁如美玉,它属于宋代最高品位作品之列, 故应评为珍品。稀少名贵,很有收藏价值。
Name:                  Celadon Petal-Edge Dish
Era:                       Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
Kilns: (origin):     Jingdezhen Hutian Kiln
Conclusion:        Authentic / Rarity /Gem
Specifications:   Diameter 11.5 cm   Height: 2.0 cm
Appraisal:This dish is made in Jingdezhen from the Southern Song dynasty. This object was made in the main kiln of Jingdezhen. The shape is exquisitely formed, the body clay is very fine and smooth, and contains a sheen that reflects like silk. The dish is small, but its molding thickness on the structure arrangement is moderate and proportionate, and tactile quality is superb. The celadon glaze is sleek, smooth, shiny, bright, and luminous as jade. It belongs to the list of works of the highest grade in the Song dynasty and should be rated as a rare gem. It is extremely rare and precious, so is highly collectable.

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