De 27. 宋 酱釉小罐 Song (960-1279) Brown Glazed Small Vessel

27. 宋 酱釉小罐 Song (960-1279) Brown Glazed Small Vessel




名称:                     酱釉小罐
年代:                     宋
窑口:                   (产地)河南当阳峪窑
结论:                     真品
规格:                     口径3.6 厘米,高:11.8厘米
鉴评:此小罐是仿定窑作品,产地是河南当阳峪窑,该窑是属磁州窑类型,但善于学习,工匠们学习定窑白瓷, 黑定、紫定产(品)都学得很好。因为原料之故显出差别,但工艺上很接近,对认识定窑紫定产品有帮助,也说明定窑工艺影响的巨大,有收藏价值。
Name:                       Brown Glazed Small Vessel
Era:                            Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Kilns: (origin):          Henan Dangyangyu Kiln
Conclusion:              Authentic
Specifications:         Diameter 3.6 cm   Height: 11.8 cm

Appraisal: This object is an imitation of Ding ware.  It was made in the Dangyangyu Kiln of Henan. Objects made in this kiln belong to Cizhou ware, but the craftsmen were extremely good in learning the craftsmanship of making Ding porcelain wares of white, black, and, purple colors. Dangyangyu ware is different from Ding ware from the use of different raw materials, but its craftsmanship is very similar. This object not only can help us to understand more about purple colored Ding ware, but also proves that there was an enormous influence from the craftsmanship of Ding ware. Highly collectible. 
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