De 44. 明 青釉三足小香炉 Ming (1368 – 1644) Longquan Celadon Three-Legged Censer

44. 明 青釉三足小香炉 Ming (1368 – 1644) Longquan Celadon Three-Legged Censer




名称:                      青釉三足小香炉
年代:                      明
窑口:                    (产地)龙泉窑
结论:                      真品
规格:                      口径7.2 厘米,高:6.0厘米
鉴评: 此香炉为明代龙泉窑产品。其造型、胎体、釉色质地符合明代龙泉窑风格。此类作品是供家庭供佛敬香之用。明朝后期宫廷越来(越)腐败,对人民剥削加重,苦难加深,庶民百姓只能求佛保佑以解脱现实苦难,所以佛教盛行,这类香炉大量生产。时代性强,也是研究明代社会的重要资料。很具收藏价值
Name:                        Longquan Celadon Three-Legged Censer
Era:                             Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644)
Kilns: (origin):           Longquan Kiln
Conclusion:              Authentic
Specifications:         Diameter 7.2 cm   Height: 6.0 cm
Appraisal: This censer was made in the Longquan Kiln of the Ming Dynasty.  Its shape and form, clay body texture, enamel glaze color and quality — all are consistent with the style of Longquan ware from the Ming Dynasty. The family used such works to worship Buddha. In the late Ming Dynasty, as the palace became more and more corrupt, heavy exploitation became more prevalent among the people.  As their misery deepened, ordinary people began to rely on the worship of Buddha to free them from the reality of suffering. As a result, Buddhism prevailed during the Ming Dynasty, and this type of censer went into mass production from popularity.  It is a major representation of objects made in that era, and also contains very important information for us to study the societal culture during the Ming Dynasty.  This censer contains very high collection value.

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